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Our dedicated team of professionals works directly with homeowners facing foreclosure, educating each homeowner about their options and then deciding together what the best course of action will be to avoid a foreclosure. We are proud of our role in helping Bay Area homeowners avoid foreclosure and move on with life!


AvoidBayAreaForeclosure.com is a collaboration of real estate agents and investors that focuses exclusively on helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. Our team of real estate professionals works diligently and efficiently to ensure that every step is taken to help our homeowners avoid foreclosure.


Our team of professionals knows the foreclosure process inside and out and leverages this experience to educate homeowners in foreclosure about their options and to act as a trusted advisor and guide as we work together to avoid foreclosure. We would welcome the opportunity to put our proven track record of success to work for you!

Success Story

We are proud of our team's hard work in helping the homeowners of this Bay Area home avoid a foreclosure! After nearly five months of negotiation by our team, they now have a settled account on their credit instead of a foreclosure!