ATTN: Realtors!

Short Sale

Here’s How We Work Together to Create

A Win/Win/Win/Win/Win Situation!

1. A WIN for the Seller: Relieve over–leveraged homeowners from the pain of foreclosure and having their credit report badly damaged. They can now start a new chapter in their life.

2. A WIN for the Lender: Our packets go to the lender in perfect order so that they can process and negotiate the short sale in the most streamlined way possible. A successful short sale brings them greater financial return than the alternatives of an auction or REO.

3. A WIN for the Realtor: Collect a FULL commission and do what you do best–buying and selling real estate. By using our services you will not get bogged down with the paperwork, phone calls and interactions with overwhelmed loss mitigation departments. If you then bring a new buyer to us, you then receive commissions on both the buy and a sell transaction.

4. A WIN for Us: We seek to purchase the short sale at a discount and immediately resell the property.  During this time all facets of the transaction are disclosed to all parties, including the appropriate disclosures prepared by our attorney.

5. A WIN for the new Buyer: Now that the property’s price has been appropriately discounted for the market, it is much easier to attract a new homeowner when you put it back on the market for resale.

Here’s How It Works…

  1. First and most important, sellers, lenders, title companies… everyone involved in this transaction, receives full disclosures in writing from the beginning, communicating our intentions to buy and sell this property for a profit should the bank agree to accept our offer.
  2. You market to find owners who are behind in payments or in foreclosure and who are interested in a short sale to avoid foreclosure and save their credit.
  3. Contact us when you find a solid candidate for the program. If it looks good, we will submit an immediate offer.
  4. We will then personally confer with you and the seller to explain the process and coordinate preparation of the required short sale documents. All intentions and plans are disclosed and agreed upon in writing with notary.
  5. I along with my short sale negotiation team prepare, submit and negotiate the short sale package, driving the entire process for all involved and request they postpone the foreclosure auction if necessary.
  6. While the short sale is being worked on by my team, you work with us to find end-user buyer.
  7. The lender orders an interior BPO or appraisal to obtain an “as is” value. We order an appraisal, compile the appropriate repair estimates, and prepare our full due diligence package to give to the lender’s BPO agent when we meet with them at property.  We also provide a copy of state legislation that governs valuation of properties involved in a debt forgiveness sale.
  8. We seek to find out what value the BPO agent gave to the house. We negotiate with the lender to find out their bottom-line price.  If the lender has a suspiciously high value, we contact the BPO agent.  We also send our full due diligence package to the lender.  If there is no movement, we escalate the file using proprietary process and documentation.
  9. If the price makes sense, we will negotiate as needed and purchase the property with a 45 day close.
  10. If the price does not make sense for us to buy, the process has given us the lender’s bottom-line and acceptance, so you are now in a position to sell the property quickly at an attractive price to the market.
  11. Once an offer from an end buyer is obtained, we work in tandem to facilitate the sale to the end buyer. No money is ever requested from the original seller.

    We provide professional, stand-up service to the homeowners we work with by being completely transparent and answering every question that arises as we talk through each option and decide together on the best course of action to avoid foreclosure. With the professionals from on your side, you benefit from our expertise, experience and proven track record of success.

    Do you have questions about the foreclosure process? Would you like to find out what your options are and how we can get the ball rolling immediately? Are you looking for a trusted advisor with a track record of success in helping homeowners proactively avoid foreclosure? We are here to help!