Foreclosure Information
Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

Foreclosure Law and Refinancing Resources
Free Advice – Real Estate Law:
Borrow Smart Public Education Foundation:

Non-Profit Credit Repair Agencies
National Foundation of Credit Counseling:
American Consumer Credit Counseling:

Advise and Assistance
To get more information and advice before contacting your lender; there are many groups that can help. Call and advice counselor and protect your home

Operation Hope: – (877) 592-HOPE
NeighborWorks: – (888) 995-HOPE
National Community Reinvestment Coalition: – (800) 475-6272
National Council of LaRaza: – (202) 785-1670
Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America:
(888) 302-NACA
ACORN – Home Equity Loss Prevention Program: – (888) 409-3557
National Foundation for Credit Counseling: – (800) 388-2227

Contact your Lender
If your lender is listed here, you can help protect your home by contacting them immediately!

Bank of America (800) 846-2222
California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) (800) 669-1079
Chase Home Finance (800) 848-9736 or (800) 527-3040
CitiMortgage (800) 374-8814
Countrywide (800) 763-1255
HSBC Mortgage Corporation (800) 338-6441
James B. Nutter & Company (800) 315-7334
Midland Mortgage (800) 654-4566
National City Mortgage (800) 523-8645
PHH Mortgage Services (800) 257-0460
Wells Fargo Mortgage (800) 766-0987
Wendover Financial Services Corp. (888) 934-1081
J.P. Morgan Chase (formally Washington Mutal Home Loans, Inc.) (866) 926-8937



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